Jeans & Denim Co. is a global apparel sourcing house

About us

Jeans & Denim Co." was established in the year 1982 with a vision and plan to outsource manufacturing for International Clothing (Apparel) Brands, Importers, Wholesalers, Catalog companies and Chain-Retail Stores.'

Initially, we only used to manufacture woven apparels but since 1994, to expand on our products range and to cover almost all types of apparels, we have established fortified cooperation with some of the best manufacturing plants in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri-Lanka and India. We provide end to end sourcing solutions for design, product development, manufacturing and all other related services.

We give our clients a cost-advantage and competitive-advantage with our multi-country sourcing and duty-free bases. If you have any product query at this moment, please let us know, we will try our best to help you save on cost while guaranteeing an impeccable quality for your products.
Thank you!

Main goal

Our main goal is to help our buyers/clients in every possible way and thus provide them:

- All manufacturing and sourcing solutions from design to delivery phase
- Quality Control and Inspection service
-Logistics Support and Export service

As a result of our continued commitment, we have forged valuable and profitable partnerships with several renowned brands, retailers and importers around the globe.

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