Success in sourcing speaks for itself

The initial idea and the business was launched by our founder Chairman (late) Govinda Prasanna Choudhury in the year 1967 in Delhi, India. The previous name of the business was "Joyoshree Apparels Limited" and it was established with a vision to outsource manufacturing for International Clothing (Apparel) Brands, Importers, Wholesalers, Catalog companies and Departmental/Chain-Retail Stores.

Initially, we only used to be the manufacturers and exporters but it limited us to a certain type of apparels. Therefore, since 1994 , to expand on our products range and to cover almost all types of apparels and textiles, we have established fortified cooperation with some of the best manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri-Lanka and India, and strong relationships with our trim, accessories and fabric suppliers based in the above countries and also in China . We focus on the aesthetic quality, innovative value, and price competitive aspect when manufacturing and exporting garments for our clients. We provide end to end sourcing solutions for design, product development, manufacturing and all other related services.

We hope you will provide us a chance to work with you in the near future, we will try our best to help you save on cost while guaranteeing an impeccable quality for your products. Please kindly let us know if there is any product query at this moment or any other questions that you might have. We are looking forward to initiating a business dialogue.

Our manufacturing partnered factories and local buying & quality control offices are based in:

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hanoi, Vietnam

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Delhi, India

We have our marketing offices in:

Halifax, Canada

Boston, USA