Quality control process

Inspection & quality control process during production

We normally follow AQL 2.5 inspection method or any other inspection method specified by our buyer.

We monitor and check our production in these three ways:

  • Initial Production Check (IPC)
  • Mid Production Check (MPC)
  • Final Random Inspection (FRI)

The IPC is done as soon as we start production and have completed production of 50-100 pieces which are ready for packing. The purpose of the IPC is to determine if the initial batch of products produced by the manufacturer complies with the client's specifications. If at this stage, any deviation beyond established tolerance is noticed, timely corrections can be made, before bulk production begins.

The IPC is a preliminary inspection, covering -

* Quality of fabrics as specified * Weight or construction of fabric * Style and visual appearance * Workmanship * Measurements * Color and/or printing match of approved color swatch * Accessories (buttons, zippers, buckles, etc)

Any discrepancies / variations or defects arc pointed out for correction or improvement. A written inspection report is prepared confirming observations and a copy is given to the Managing Director and the Chairman of the company. Immediate action then is taken to make it perfect.

Mid Production Check (MPC):

The MPC is similar to the initial production check and is in general, a logical follow up of the IPC. The MPC should be made a few days after the IPC particularly when deficiencies have been found during IPC for large orders, more than one MPC arc performed. The MPC assures that any variations /discrepancies previously reported are being connected during further production and that satisfactory quality standard has being achieved.

Final Random Inspection (FRI):

This is the last inspection and is done when the goods are ready for shipment, this inspection is performed by at least four of our experienced quality controllers, quality control manager, COO and also by the CEO our company. This ensures an unbiased and good report.